Mediation Services

Mediation Services: Trained volunteer mediators help people defuse potentially destructive conflicts. This program is run entirely on private donations sought through grants and fundraising efforts. Mediation services are offered on a sliding scale fee system and are open to anyone who needs the service regardless of ability to pay.

The program helps families resolve a range of conflicts. Some are multi-generational; others involve disputes arising from co-parenting, blended families, and divorce. Various groups and organizations other than families have also sought help in resolving difficult conflicts with issues such as: landlord or housing community staff - tenant conflicts; people trying to maintain their housing and avoid homelessness; mental health, substance use and domestic violence challenges; neighbor to neighbor concerns; cultural diversity; and legal concerns.


Become a Mediator  

Sign up for a 40 Hour Mediation Training - Our most recent training session is full, but to be put on the waiting list for the next session, please email or call Karen Groat at 207-523-5079.

Free Sessions for Families or Communities In Conflict

The Opportunity Alliance family mediators and professional case managers work with families in a neutral and supportive environment to foster better communication among family members. By helping family members find new ways of talking and listening, Family Mediation improves relationships and empowers families to make good decisions.

How Mediation Helps

At some point, all families and many different types of communities experience difficulties communicating. Mediation Services can help you and your family or community members:

  • Have productive discussions
  • Explore choices
  • Ease tensions and arguments
  • Feel heard and connected
  • See opportunities for clarification and understanding

During Mediation, families or community members meet as few or as many times as they want or need with trained mediators in a neutral, comfortable and convenient location. Learn more about how the mediation process works and what participants have to say about it.


Who's Eligible for Mediation Services?

Mediation services are offered on a sliding scale fee system and are available to all families or communities regardless of income or the nature of the relationships, in Cumberland, York or Sagadahoc counties.

How to Access Mediation Services:

Anyone can make a referral to Mediation Services by calling our Central Intake department at 523-5049.

Who Are the Mediators?

The Opportunity Alliance case managers and highly trained volunteer mediators help families find new ways of talking and listening. If you're interested in becoming a mediator and making a difference for Maine's families, you can learn more here.

Interested in reading more about mediation? Check out these helpful links.

This article on our Mediation Services was recently published in The Maine Bar Journal.

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