Family and Community Support

Our advocacy, prevention and strategic initiatives champion the rights of Maine's children, adults, and families. Through these initiatives we provide parenting support and education, advocate for effective public policy, and mobilize public and private agencies as well as individual community members to work together to strengthen our communities.


Families Together CAN Council

We have been named the Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Prevention Council for Cumberland County. The Families Together CAN Council will provide continuous year-round services that include: public awareness activities, child safety education, parent education, referrals to services, and training for professionals. We will be a resource for families and providers throughout Cumberland County to access and share best practices to connect, advocate for, and nurture families before child abuse and neglect begins.

Parenting Education

Our Parenting and Family Education and Resources Coordinator conducts trainings for parents and educators and supports a variety of initiatives to improve parenting. Collaborators from other agencies also provide education and support services at our Family Center.  

Parent Effectiveness in Resolving Conflict with Teens (PERC) - A seven week course focusing on adolescent development, communication and problem solving, and strengthening the parent-teen relationship

Parents as Partners

Parents who have navigated the state's child protective system successfully reunifying with their children, act as advocates and provide support to parents currently engaged in the system and attempting to reunify with their children. 

Family and Community Mediation Services 

Trained volunteer mediators help people defuse potentially destructive conflicts. This program is run entirely on private donations sought through grants and fundraising efforts. Our mediation services are offered at no cost and are open to anyone who needs the service regardless of ability to pay.  The program helps families resolve a range of conflicts. Some are multi-generational; others involve disputes arising from co-parenting, blended families, and divorce. Various groups and organizations other than families have also sought help in resolving difficult conflicts with issues such as: landlord or housing community staff - tenant conflicts; people trying to maintain their housing and avoid homelessness; mental health, substance use and domestic violence challenges; neighbor to neighbor concerns; cultural diversity; and legal concerns. Please note that this program closed as of June 30th, 2018. The Maine Association of Mediators has a directory available online

General Assistance Administration

Through contracts with approximately nine towns in Cumberland County, The Opportunity Alliance serves as the General Assistance Administrators assessing and granting funds to income-eligible individuals, linking them to additional services available through The Opportunity Alliance and other community resources.

Cumberland County Homeless Prevention Program

assists families and individuals in finding, securing and maintaining housing. Housing case management allows families and individuals to access housing search resources and provides connection with other resources in the community as needed. We work in a collaborative effort to assist in reducing barriers which helps to maintain a more stable housing status. 

Maine Families

Maine Families works in partnership with expectant parents and parents of babies and toddlers to ensure safe home environments, promote healthy growth and development for babies and young children, and provide key connections to needed services.  Professional home vistors support expectant parents to have a healthy pregnancy and access prenatal care.  Parents of newborns are supported in their adjustment to parenthood and information is provided related to critical areas. 

Our Family and Community Support Services are funded in part by Cumberland County.