Children and Youth Mental Health Services

Children's Behavioral Health Home

Our Children’s Behavioral Health Home is a new, innovative approach to care. It takes the traditional components of Targeted Case Management and expands our supports to include peer support, a family support partner, and medical consultation and education for our supported consumers and families, if desired. We have increased our coordination efforts and provide the following: 

  • Referring for mental health services such as counseling or in home supports.
  • Advocating for children in the school systems
  • Aiding families in finding resources to meet basic needs-food, clothing, transportation, housing, etc.
  • Identifying recreational activities for children
  • Advocating for youth in the juvenile justice system.
  • Increase education and coordination with medical care and support

Crisis Response Services

Crisis Response Services:  Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 1.888.568.1112 offers immediate access to crisis intervention, suicide prevention/intervention, crisis/supportive counseling, problem solving services to adults and children throughout the state. The Opportunity Alliance has provided crisis response services to residents of Cumberland County since 1970, ensuring that there is someone to provide help to children, adolescents, and adults whenever it is needed. Crisis Response Services is a comprehensive 24-hour mental health crisis system offering phone and face-to-face crisis intervention and stabilization services for adults, children, and adolescents experiencing a crisis. Crisis Response Services include:

  • Maine Crisis Line: Available 24/7 at 1.888.568.1112. Trained call specialists are available to any resident with mental health struggles. 
  • Mobile Outreach: Available 24- hours a day, 365 days a year, Mobile Outreach offers face to face crisis intervention services for adults, families and children during a mental health crisis.  A range of services includes crisis assessment and intervention and stabilization services.  Our staff can be available at one of our agency locations or at a mutually agreeable safe community site throughout Cumberland County.

Children's Outpatient Therapy

Our highly trained and licensed therapists serve children in both York and Cumberland Counties. We specialize in numerous modalities of care including: Child-Centered Play Therapy; Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; and Child Parent Psychotherapy. Our therapists work with families to create a therapy best matched to the child's and family's strengths and needs. We work from several locations in both York and Cumberland County neighborhoods to increase accessibility.  

Homeless Youth Services

Homeless Youth Services provides intensive case management for homeless & street youth (the identified client may be homeless in the context of a family), boys and girls ages six to 21.  It provides advocacy, case management, monitoring and safety assessments.  It establishes linkages to needed services, such as mental health or substance abuse treatment.  Services are provided until the child is in a stable placement.  Within the greater Portland community and York county, 

The Opportunity Alliance is the only agency working with homeless youth or youth in danger of homelessness who are age 21 or younger. Given the age of our clients, our Homeless Youth Services (HYS) case managers are able to focus on supporting and stabilizing the client's entire family — siblings and parents, too.

Young Parent Program

The Young Parent Program is a parenting education program for young parents who are pregnant, parenting, and or working on reunification. We partner with young parents to support healthy attachments, child development, and connection to community. The Community Outreach portion of this program provides community outreach for parents 22 and under which includes: family centered case management; prenatal education; infant and toddler development; and parenting classes.  The transitional housing portion of this program is open to people ages 22 and under who are currently homeless.  It includes transitional living with 6 apartments; home visits; parenting classes; access to support groups; educational, vocational, and housing resources; counseling and case management; as well as referrals.


Edgewood is a six-bed residential treatment program located in Scarborough for youth ages 16 to 21 who are attempting to become more independent within the community as adults. The Edgewood program is designed to offer intensive, focused treatment and rehabilitative services to promote a successful return of the youth/young adult to family or community and self-sufficiency. Focus is on improvement of the clients’ symptoms through the use of strength- and evidence-based trauma informed strategies such TF-CBT, individual therapy and group therapy, behavior management, medication management, monitoring as needed and active family engagement. Services are delivered in a structured, therapeutic milieu community under the direction of a team of licensed clinical social workers, certified mental health rehabilitation technicians and other agency and community partners.

Trauma Informed High Fidelity Wraparound

This program strictly adheres to the practice of High Fidelity Wraparound as defined by the National Wraparound Initative. Our Trauma Informed High Fidelity Wraparound program works with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and their families statewide.


Our Child and Family Services are funded in part by Cumberland County.


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