Housing and Energy Services

The Department of Housing and Energy Services provides loans and grants for fuel assistance, utility assistance, and repair of heating systems.

Heating Assistance

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) – For homeowners or renters who have high heating bills in relation to their income. HEAP benefits households by making a supplemental payment on their behalf directly to their fuel vendor, whether the fuel is oil, electricity, coal, gas, or wood. HEAP does not provide funds to heat a home for the entire winter. The program also provides assistance with utility expenses such as electric bills and water bills.


Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) – This program provides grant funds to repair or replace malfunctioning heating systems. Priority is given to those households that have no heat during the winter heating season. In order to qualify, a person must first apply for HEAP fuel assistance and be certified as income eligible. CHIP funds can also be used to repair or replace fuel oil storage tanks and chimney liners.


Rental Housing & Affordable Housing

For information on income-based housing, please call AVESTA Housing at 207-553-7780.