Young Parent Program (YPP)

The Young Parent Program is a parenting education program for young parents who are pregnant, parenting, and or working on reunification. We partner with young parents to support healthy attachments, child development, and connection to community.

The Community Outreach portion of this program provides community outreach for parents 22 and under which includes: family centered case management; prenatal education; infant and toddler development; and parenting classes. The transitional housing portion of this program is open to people ages 22 and under who are currently homeless. It includes transitional living with 6 apartments; home visits; parenting classes; access to support groups; educational, vocational, and housing resources; counseling and case management; as well as referrals.

How It Helps

The Young Parent Program's welcoming setting provides new parents with a sense of community, a place to share ideas and problems, the opportunity to help each other, and the chance to relieve loneliness while making new friends.


  • Provides parenting education and life skills classes to young parents
  • Offers case management to help support parental growth
  • Evening meals
  • Comfortable Drop-in setting

Who's Eligible

Pregnant or parenting teens and young adults who are 25 or younger may receive services from the Young Parenting Program, which is located at 22 Park Ave.

How to Get Involved

No need to call! Just come in to our 22 Park Ave. location and see what our program has to offer.

Looking to get more information on the program? Speak with a representative at 207-523-5049.

About 22 Park Ave: Housing and Support for Young Parents

The Opportunity Alliance offers housing for six homeless, pregnant or parenting people up to age 22 and their children at 22 Park Ave. in Portland. Partners, ages 22 and younger, may reside with the family. The program's goal is to give homeless parents the skills and support they need to feel empowered to make smart decisions and positive choices for their families.

How 22 Park Helps

While living at 22 Park, parents receive case management and support as they develop the skills they will need to live independently and help their children thrive. Residents are also eligible for the socialization and support services provided by the Young Parent Program, which is also housed at 22 Park Ave.

Looking to get more information on this residential program or need to access our services? Call 207-523-5049 or toll-free 1-877-429-6884 to speak with a YI Representative today.


Our YPP and 22 Park programs are funded in part by Cumberland County.