Aug 31, 2012

Windham Bicycle Committee Works for Safe Roads

Collaborative efforts help to make Windham roads safe for cyclists

WINDHAM – Sparky Hurgin lives in a section of Windham that is surrounded by narrow, twisty roads that make bicycling difficult. 

High speeds, discourteous drivers and a lack of shoulders near Swett Road combine for difficult recreational bicycling for Hurgin and his wife, Helen, and two grown children, Max and Marta, who come home many weekends and go for a ride.

That ride is risky, and sometimes they skip the roads surrounding the Hurgin residence, opting for the safety of the Mountain Division bike path, which leads from South Windham to Standish, or safer roads out of town. 

So in May, Hurgin and his wife became a member of the Windham Bike/Ped/Trails Committee, which aims to advocate for safer roads and increased access to bicycling and walking opportunities in town...

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