Jan 26, 2017

The Opportunity Alliance Expands Crisis Services to Include Children

TOA’s Cumberland County Crisis Response Now Provides Crisis Intervention Services to Any Individual or Family Regardless of Age.

PORTLAND (January 2017) For more than 50 years, The Opportunity Alliance (TOA) has provided crisis prevention and intervention services to adults through our comprehensive 24-hour mental health crisis system, Cumberland County Crisis Response (CCCR).  Now, we offer the same services to any individual, including children.  CCCR services are accessible 24 hours a day to offer immediate and intensive assistance to people in heightened emotional or mental distress.  We provide telephone support with staff from our Crisis Line, face to face support with our Mobile Outreach staff who can travel directly to the site of the person in crisis – people can also come to our offices if they prefer.  Both teams provide support, brief counseling, advocacy, education, consultation and assistance for the person in need and for those who are concerned about others. 


TOA’s crisis intervention services can be accessed by any individual seeking support or by anyone concerned about someone else by calling, toll free: 1-888-568-1112, or, in Portland: 774-HELP (4357).  Our staff are mental health professionals and social workers trained specifically to provide crisis intervention services.  Each staff must gain a state required certification in order to provide crisis intervention service (MHRT-CSP – mental health rehabilitation technician – crisis services provider).  Staff are specially trained to work with issues related to mental health crisis, suicidal ideation, addiction intervention and provide services tailored to meet specific needs of the client/family. 


The primary concern of the crisis worker is to determine that the person having an emergency is safe.  Remaining in the home or current environment is always the primary goal if safety can be assured.  Staff will assist with developing a safe plan and/or assist access to other community based resources.  Those needing a higher level of care and support will be considered for admission to a crisis stabilization unit (adults are referred directly to our Broadway Crossings unit located in South Portland). If the situation is serious enough where psychiatric hospitalization is needed, the crisis worker will assist in the process.


Crisis Intervention services are utilized daily by community based therapists, school counselors, school nurses, emergency room staff, community based doctors and nurses, dentists, bank professionals, law enforcement personnel, and parents. Anyone can call to consult and request intervention when concerned about themselves or others.


For more information on Crisis Services at The Opportunity Alliance or any of The Opportunity Alliance’s programs, please contact Jim Gemmell: