Apr 30, 2015

The Opportunity Alliance Celebrating Foster Families Month

May is Foster Families Month! The Opportunity Alliance is a proud supporter of foster families in Maine and home to one of our state’s Therapeutic Foster Care Programs.
Therapeutic Foster Care is for children and youth removed from their homes by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) because of abuse or neglect. Given their experiences, many of these children need additional supervision, stability and care, often at a moment’s notice. The Opportunity Alliance provides each foster family with a case manager; a knowledgeable social worker able to connect the family with all the resources and training they need. We take particular care with the placement process, ensuring the best match for child and family. Our team organizes foster family trainings and social gatherings; assists with licensing and paperwork; and helps arrange respite care to keep families connected and nurtured. For 50 years The Opportunity Alliance has worked with families to create safe, loving homes for children in need of foster care. For more information on Foster Family Month or The Opportunity Alliance please contact Jim Gemmell: (207) 523-5014,