Jan 14, 2015

TOA Implements Behavioral Health Home

Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health to Improve Outcomes

PORTLAND (January 2015) The Opportunity Alliance is now serving nearly 300 people in our Behavioral Health Home program.  The program serves individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and living with severe and persistent mental illness. The Behavioral Health Home represents a targeted effort to improve mental and physical health outcomes for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders, following on the foundational understanding that prospects for recovery increase when efforts to support the individual are collaborative and focused on the whole health of the person. The client and Care Coordinator (case manager) work together with the client’s medical and mental health providers, supported in the process by our BHH Team, which includes a Nurse Care Manager, a medical consultant, a psychiatric consultant, a clinical team leader, and our Peer and Family Health Navigators.

The Behavioral Health Home program works in conjunction with our Peer Wellness programming, focusing on complete body, mind, and relational wellness. Groups and workshops are designed to encompass a variety of topics allowing for participants to explore their values, what health and wellness means to them, and how they can move towards full wellness in their lives based on what they discover. The wellness programming includes various one time workshops scattered throughout each month, and a weekly wellness drop-in group also provides rich and wide-spread topics focused on nourishing the body mind and soul while fostering community inclusion. Ongoing groups such as Pathways to Recovery and Healthy Relationships provide a weekly curriculum based platform for participants to discover and grow together in core groups. The peer-led wellness groups are facilitated by Peer and Family Health Navigators, certified in Intentional Peer Support and who have diverse lived experience and share their stories of living with and overcoming mental health struggles. For more information, contact Peer and Family Health Navigators Hilary Andreoli and Ilana Schreiber at the Opportunity Alliance.