Maine Crisis Line

1.888.568.1112 offers immediate access to advocacy, crisis/supportive counseling, problem solving, crisis intervention, suicide prevention/intervention, and psychiatric services to adults and children throughout the state 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Crisis Response Services Hotline is funded in part by Cumberland County.

Latest News
Apr 27, 2018: Maine Crisis Line Launched April 1st

The Maine Crisis Line, 1.888.568.1112, launched April 1st. It is a statewide phone line that any resident experiencing a mental health crisis can... MORE

Apr 26, 2018: Gov. LePage Veteos Extended Fundng for Child Abuse Prevention Program

On Wednesday, Gov. LePage vetoed a bill that would protect a $2.2 million child abuse prevention program that is slated to be eliminated this fall. MORE