Adult Mental Health Services

Community Support Services

CSS provides adult case management for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and possibly co-occurring addiction disorder. CSS can also provide assistance with finances, housing, substance abuse recovery support, and psychiatric and emotional support. The progam's case workers connect, coordinate, and advocate for clients in relation to their Individual Support Plan. CSS also ensures that a crisis plan is in place for each client. It assists clients in remaining as independent within the community as possible, and helps them develop skills in communication and self-advocacy to ensure that all their needs are met.


Adult Community Integration Services

For individuals diagnosed with mental illness and possibly co-occurring disorder who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We work to ensure that a crisis plan is in place, assist clients in remaining as independent within the community as possible, and assist clients in developing skills in communication and self-advocacy to ensure that all needs are met.  

Behavioral Health Home

Our Behavioral Health Home (BHH) is a partnership between our Community Support Services community mental health program, and several local Health Home practices, with a goal of better managing the integrated physical and behavioral health needs of eligible adults. This program represents a targeted effort to improve mental and physical health outcomes for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders, following on the foundational understanding that prospects for recovery increase when efforts to support the individual are collaborative and focused on the whole health of the person. The client and Care Coordinator (case manager) work together with the client’s medical and mental health providers, supported in the process by our BHH Team, which includes a Nurse Care Manager, a medical consultant, a psychiatric consultant, a clinical team leader, and our Peer and Family Health Navigators. 


Peer Wellness Programming

The Peer Wellness Programming in the Behavioral Health Home at the Opportunity Alliance focuses on complete body, mind, and relational wellness. Groups and workshops are designed to encompass a variety of topics allowing for participants to explore their values, what health and wellness means to them, and how they can move towards full wellness in their lives based on what they discover. The wellness programming includes various one time workshops scattered throughout each month, and a weekly wellness drop-in group also provides rich and wide-spread topics focused on nourishing the body mind and soul while fostering community inclusion. Ongoing groups such as Pathways to Recovery and Healthy Relationships provide a weekly curriculum based platform for participants to discover and grow together in core groups. The peer-led wellness groups are facilitated by Peer and Family Health Navigators, certified in Intentional Peer Support and who have diverse lived experience and share their stories of living with and overcoming mental health struggles. For more information, contact Peer and Family Health Navigators Hilary Andreoli and Ilana Schreiber at the Opportunity Alliance.


The Women's Project

The Women's Project serves women 18 and older, pregnant or parenting a child up to age six, who are affected by substance use. We offer individual recovery planning to help women overcome the barriers that keep them from getting treatment; mental health and trauma screening, to help move toward health and wellness, and coordination and advocacy to help identify and connect to community resources that are most needed.

We serve Cumberland, York, Lincoln, Androscoggin, Kennebec, Franklin, Sagadahoc, Waldo, and Oxford Counties.

The Women's Project is funded in part by Cumberland County.


Residential Treatment Programs

MaineStay: A Portland-based collaborative program includes an eight-bed residential treatment facility and support services for young adults, 18-25, struggling with homelessness and mental illness.

The Bridge: a 12 bed short term residential treatment program for homeless adults with a major mental illness many of whom also experience co-occurring conditions.  The Bridge provides a comprehensive treatment program that assists residents with securing long-term housing while stabilizing their mental health and connecting them to community resources and supports. The Bridge is staffed 24/7 for mental health support and medication administration. Staff maintains ongoing collaborative partnerships with community providers to assist in a comprehensive quality care of each resident. Our Bridge program is funded in part by Cumberland County.

Gordon Green: An eight-bed permanent residence providing intensive treatment and support for elderly adults under guardianship with a combination of challenges including mental illness and disabilities related to age or physical impairments.

Helen Winslow Ray House: A seven-bed comprehensive rehabilitation residence providing support, counseling and advocacy for adults with a major mental illness.

Morrison Place at Randall Street: A 12-bed treatment facility offering intensive individualized treatment of homeless adults with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues.


Crisis Services: Cumberland County Crisis Response

The Opportunity Alliance has provided crisis response services to residents of Cumberland County since 1970, ensuring that there is someone to provide help to children, adolescents, and adults whenever it is needed. Cumberland Country Crisis Response is a comprehensive 24-hour mental health crisis system offering phone and face-to-face crisis intervention and stabilization services. The Opportunity Alliance collaborates with Sweetser to provide crisis response support and expertise for children and adolescents experiencing a crisis.  The Opportunity Alliance provides the same for adults.  Cumberland County Crisis Response services and supports include:

  • 774-HELP:  Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 774-HELP(4357) offers immediate access to crisis intervention, suicide prevention/intervention, crisis/supportive counseling, problem solving services to adults and children throughout Cumberland County, 774-HELP(4357) is the phone number for Cumberland County Crisis Response.
  • Mobile Outreach: Available 24- hours a day, 365 days a year, Mobile Outreach offers face to face crisis intervention services for adults, families and children during a mental health crisis.  A range of services includes crisis assessment and intervention and stabilization services.  Our staff can be available at one of our agency locations or at a mutually agreeable safe community site throughout Cumberland County.
  • Crisis Clinician: The Crisis Clinician provides a focused service of the Cumberland County Crisis Response Team.  They provide the same crisis intervention services listed above, (see Mobile Outreach) along with a specially trained intensive follow up service.  These services are brief in nature using evidence based treatment to promote recovery and resilience in individuals experiencing acute crises.
  • Peer & Family Navigators: Peer & Family Navigators are consumers of mental health/substance use services and are currently in recovery.  They are an integral part of the Mobile Outreach team providing short term supports to help others become and stay engaged in the recovery process to promote recovery.
  • Mental Health/Police Liaison: Working closely with the Portland Police Department, this specially trained staff-person provides crisis intervention, assessment, and assistance in facilitating crisis services. The mental health/police liaison is available to accompany the Portland Police Department responding to calls where a mental health crisis may be involved and to work closely with community providers when Portland Police may be involved.
  • Broadway Crossings: Broadway Crossings is a short-term therapeutic, crisis stabilization unit that is an alternative to hospitalization for adults experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our Cumberland County Crisis Response programs are funded in part by Cumberland County. 


The Opportunity Alliance is now working with 
Spurwink Services, 50 Monument Square, fourth floor, for:

  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Psychiatry Services

For more information, please call Spurwink Services directly at: 1-888-889-3903


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